MISC — 10 July 2012

The news that London had assigned six stations to assemble air missiles to protect the 2012 London Olympics did not sit well with many of those close to the sites. Olympic organizers and the British government were warned about the public relations nightmares amid security measures taken and whether they disregard human rights.

The defense ministry says that the missiles are a key piece in the elaborate security required for the London Olympics. Residents of the east London public housing project feel like they have suddenly found themselves on the counter-terrorism front line.

The desire for increased security surrounding the games is completely understandable. Lets not forget on July 7, 2005, one day after London was awarded the hosting rights for these 2012 games, a series of terror attacks took place on the transportation system; leaving 52 civilians dead, 700 injured and extreme damage to London.

Sometimes you just can’t win. If they don’t implicate strict security and something does happen, everyone will talk about what could have, or should have been done to prevent the disaster. Now, authorities are doing what they feel necessary to protect the people, travelers and Olympic athletes and are still being criticized.

A High Court judge rejected the argument Tuesday, quashing a challenge by locals. Judge Charles Haddon-Cave said the missiles presented “no real threat” to residents and were a necessary part of Olympic security.



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