HOCKEY — 10 October 2012

For years it seemed like a European invasion in the NHL with an abundance of talented European players through out the league. Yesterday Dynamo star Alexander Ovechkin took on Zdeno Chara in the KHL’s ESPN2 debut. North American fans are dying for hockey and the KHL is taking advantage. Locking up TV deals in North America with television providers who are DESPERATE for content. If you haven’t noticed the old school movies most sports stations are forcing themselves to air due to lack of NHL hockey coverage, then you soon will. Either that or we will be flooded with KHL hockey while Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr talk about how to split the ZERO REVENUE they are currently receiving.

Listen… No hockey = No Money. Get your act together guys, if you think that this is the same as the last lockout you are dead wrong. When the last lockout was going on we weren’t flooded with KHL hockey and twitter wasn’t around to be flooded with everyone’s opinion. The pressure is one the NHL even if it doesn’t think so. The fans are sick of the nonsense that is becoming the NHL and when the lockout is over… Ticket prices won’t be coming down along with player salaries.

In fact those hard working people who make a living from the industries surrounding hockey are the ones who are taking a loss in income. I doubt any of them will be jumping at paying through the nose to go see a Toronto Maple Leafs team miss the playoffs once again. When the last lockout happened I switched to football and basketball. Hockey was one of my favourite sports, but the love for the game started to fade. I thought this was something as kids we DREAMED of doing for a living. Growing up playing road hockey and imagining you were your favourite NHL superstar as you battled it out in the neighbourhood. The select few that have got the chance to live the glorified life of an professional athlete has been tainted by the greed for the all mighty dollar.

It truly is disgusting to watch a bunch of WELL COMPENSATED employees bicker about Millions of dollars. I say screw them… send in replacement players and if the NHLPA and the players don’t like it… TOUGH! You’re not the ones putting up the money to run the league no matter how much money the owners make. They offer you a more than fair salary to do something that you are supposed to LOVE?

You can congratualte Gary Bettman on helping the KHL set new records with HC Lev setting the KHL attendance record Tuesday, when they lost to Dynamo. 16,317 were in attendance to see the game, that’s 16,317 more fans then the NHL has hosted this season.

Here’s your daily KHL Highlights courtesy of the NHL and NHLPA, thanks guys! At least the KHL cares enough about the fans to put English commentators on ESPN 2.

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Alexander Ovechkin NHL KHL GOAL

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