BASKETBALL — 11 December 2012

Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving is expected to return Tuesday night after missing 11 games with a broken left finger.

The return on Tuesday would see the Cavaliers face the struggling LA Lakers.

As much as being on the sidelines was torture for Irving, he said it allowed him to get a different look at the game, and analyze his own game a little better. He said, “It’s been very difficult, but I’ve gotten a chance to really break down the game and it’s given me a chance to get a different outlook being on the sideline. I’m really happy to be out there and be competing again.”

Don’t expect his injury to get in his way. He played the night after breaking the finger in Dallas before tests revealed the fracture and he was forced to sit out. The team was originally expecting him to be out for a month, but he is now returning after only three weeks .

“They were killing me behind the scenes,” Irving  said. “I definitely stayed in shape over the last two weeks. I needed it and it felt good.”

With Cleveland at 2-9 without Kyrie Irving, let’s just say they’re going to be happy to have him back.



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