MISC — 24 August 2012

It seems like Lance Armstrong has been fighting the USADA regarding claims regarding Armstrong and PED’s. Armstrong is probably one of the most well know cyclists in the sport and is also a advocate of “living strong” and battling cancer. Lance decided it was time to stop fighting the USADA and he dropped his fight against drug charges that threatened his legacy as one of the greatest cyclists of all time.

Once Lance Armstrong decided to stop battling the USADA in which he referred to it as a “witch hunt” that has taken it’s toll on his entire family and friends. Lance decided it was enough and not worth the battle anymore. With that the decision the USADA will strip Lance of all 7 Le Tour De France Championships and impose a lifetime ban on one of the sports most decorated athletes.

This is truly a shame and similar to the Roger Clemens fiasco… I hope this is over. Let the guy just move on with his life and stop terrorizing him in such a negative way. The guy did a ton for the sport and shouldn’t have to answer to anyone.

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