HOCKEY — 21 June 2012

Brian Burke will be in Pittsburgh this weekend to participate in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Most teams entering the draft are hopeful to acquire successful prospects for the future of their teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke has been fairly open about his focus on adding experience to the mix; rater than look to build around new youth.

Over the past few weeks you’ve likely heard about Burke looking to acquire veteran goaltender Roberto Luongo from the Vancouver Canucks and how the Leafs will also likely be a contender to acquire Rick Nash.

It’s obvious that whomever is selected at No. 5; should they stay with the Leafs, will not be the make-or-break difference maker needed to lead the Toronto Maple Leafs into the playoffs.

There are experienced players who will be available for the taking and these players will be the priority for Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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