FOOTBALL MISC — 14 January 2013

The Lingerie Football League (LFL) since it’s inception has been viewed as somewhat of a joke. Women prancing around in lingerie and attempting to play the game of football every sports loving man loves. Let’s face it, people weren’t really watching for the athletic entertainment value or to fulfill their sports cravings.

The thing the average person doesn’t know is that They Hit Hard in the Lingerie Football League.

Although they looked a little ridiculous in their garters and chokers, these women sure did make an effort to take the game and the sport serious.

The league has decided to change both their name and the focus/direction of the entire league. Rather than focus on the sex appeal, they’ve changed gears to showcase the women as athletes in an effort to brand this as a serious new sport that women everywhere should be proud to watch.

Let’s be honest, the majority of wives out there would not want their husband drooling over women dressed like cheerleaders throwing footballs; but the way the LFL is attempting to re-brand it looks like they’re attempting to attract a more serious sports loving market. Take a look at the Nike/Gatorade style promo for the newly re-branded LFL:

The LFL has changed their company name and slogan from Lingerie Football League: True Fantasy Football to the new, less sexist, Legends Football League: Women of the Gridiron.

Personally, when I see the promo I see endorsement dollars galore if the LFL can properly pull off this transition and essentially create a new competitive pro-sport for women.

legends football league

Sexy, strong, athletic women… Don’t be surprised when you start seeing the Nike, Adidas or Reebok logo takeover if the sport takes off.

Here’s the LFL making the official re-branding announcement:

The athletes who play will surely be thrilled with the opportunities that could be ahead of them if the re-branding is successful. Listen to Liz Gorman who won the defensive player of the year for 2012 as she discusses the previous image that the league has. I’m sure she’s happy about the change of direction the league is taking.

Check out the Chicago Bliss training camp:


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