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Peyton Manning has broken Brett Favre‘s all-time TD’s record of 508 with 510 (and counting)! “Manning continues his onslaught of the NFL records book” as he inches closer to owning just about every meaningful record held by a QB. It was just last year that Peyton broke both the single season TD’s record (55) and the single season passing yards record (5477). The Broncos QB is also just 5000 yards shy of breaking Brett Favre‘s all-time passing yards record of 71,838. Now, I know thats still 5000 yards away but with the way Manning is playing, we could easily see him break that record as early as a few weeks into next season.

Peyton Manning’s 4 TD’s Sunday Night against the San Francisco 49ers

Now, I know that there are some haters out there, reading this and thinking “well, he still can’t win in the post-season”. Well to you my ignorant but beloved reader and probably Manning hater/Brady enthusiast (Eric Shedden/Greg Dykeman) I say to you; you have no idea what your talking about! Not only has Peyton already won a Superbowl (2007) but has also been to 2 others (2010, 2014). Now, you don’t simply get to 3 Superbowls without winning in the post-season. I will give you that he is 11-12 in the playoffs but very few players, let alone QB’s, have been to 3 Superbowls and not to mention Manning has never truly had a legitimate defence to play opposite of him on any team he’s ever played with.

I also don’t want to hear that not having a top defence is an excuse, its a fact! Take a look at just about every team that has won a Superbowl, including the precious Patriots. Here are just a few examples to prove my point:

  • The Seattle Seahawks last year had the best PA (points against) total in the NFL
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers who have won 6 Superbowls, have won all 6 based on legendary defences (i.e. the Steel Curtain) with guys like “Mean” Joe Green, Mel Blount and Jack Lambert
  • The San Francisco 49ers who won 5 Superbowls, also had one of the greatest defences of all-time with guys like Ronnie Lott, Bill Romanowski and Charles Haley
  • The Dallas Cowboys who have 5 Superbowls, revolutionized the way teams played defence in the 70’s and than in the 90’s had players like Ken Norton Jr, Darren Woodson and Deion Sanders
  • Even the New England Patriots who won 3 Superbowls and lost (yes LOST) 2 Superbowls, won with a stout defence as they led their division in PA total all 3 years they won the Superbowl. Not mention they had players like Willie McGinest, Ty Law and Teddy Bruschi

The Steel Curtain is still considered #1 Defence All-Time

So for Manning to get to 3 Superbowls with 2 different teams and win 1, without a top tier defence is actually pretty remarkable. He is also 2nd in NFL history in wins by a QB with 172 and a regular season record of 172-74, thats almost 100 wins more than losses and 14 shy of Brett Favre‘s all-time record of 186. Absolutely, INSANE! 

He is simply on another level, above all of his peers. There are other legendary and even Hall of Fame QB’s who are close in some categories but lightyears away in others. Which puts Peyton in a category of his own as he sits, if not atop but in the top 5 of every category for every stat. So to say that Peyton Manning can’t be considered the greatest QB of all-time until he wins at least 1 more Superbowl, is absolutely asinine. Peyton Manning is hands down, no questions asked the NFL‘s best ever to lace up a pair of cleats and play QB. He simply sees the game like no other QB and not only do the stats back that comment up but as do his wins and yes, even his playoff record (seriously the man missed the playoffs ONCE, thats ridiculous!).

Peyton Manning is the NFL’s Superman

So that is my mini rant and open love affair for the man they call “The Sheriff” Peyton Manning. Let me know your thoughts by tweeting me @D_ScHramER34 and #elitesportsblog.


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