HOCKEY — 06 December 2012

At this point of the NHL lockout its safe to say that day 81 has been the most productive day of the entire ordeal between the NHL and NHLPA. Today’s meeting was unique as for the first time they did not involve NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA union cheif Donald Fehr.

The result was a day where 6 NHL owners and 18 players exchanged proposals and made more progress during a 2 hour period than has been made throughout the entire lockout process. At one point it was suggested that Bettman would be announcing that a deal was reached; instead he announced the following:

We are pleased with the process that is ongoing and out of respect for the process, I’m not going to take any questions.”

Perhaps the biggest and most intriguing part of day 81 is the attention it has garnered in almost every social media outlet, specifically Twitter. As late as 1 am today there was a podium watch, as it was suggested the announcement fans had been waiting over four months to hear, was going to become a reality; it was later announced that both owner and the players would continue negotiations later today.


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