FOOTBALL — 18 September 2012

It turns out that Michael Turner was really, really happy that the Atlanta Falcons beat Peyton Manning‘s Denver Broncos after the Monday Night Football game. Probably the quickest way to ruin the party is to make a terrible decision like Drinking and Driving. Thankfully nobody way hurt and hopefully the Atlanta Falcons running back will learn from this situation.

It’s terrible news for people with Michael Turner on their fantasy football roster. Turner had 42 yards and a touchdown in the win on Monday. According to the report, Michael was booked shortly after 5 a.m. ET and was released after posting $2,179 bond. Michael Turner was also charged with speeding

It is likely that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could also provide some sort of disciplinary action. It’s tough to say if it will be a fine or a suspension of some sort. If he does get some sort of punishment I can’t see it being significant to the running backs season.

Who would you rather get run over by: Michael Turner or this chick! (Nikki Johnson)


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