BASEBALL — 10 October 2012

Just in case you missed it – During game 3 of last nights ALDS between the Oakland Athletics and the Detroit Tigers, Oakland outfielder Coco Crisp made a fantastic leaping grab to take away a sure home run from Detroit slugger Prince Fielder, and managed to keep the Athletics ahead 1-0 (They would go on to win 2-0) in the process.

Here it is one more time just in case you missed it / can’t get enough.

So in honor of Coco Crisp’s snag – a quick top 5 catches from the season that was in MLB.


#5 Cincinnati Reds Fan Catches Back To Back Home Runs

Sure he didn’t save the game or really even move that much for it – but how many games have you gone to and wished you have caught a home run – let alone two…. Back to back!

#4 Raja Davis Robs Yankees’ Casey McGehee

Raja Davis became the fist player in the Rogers Center history to scale the 10 foot outfield wall and absolutely robs Casey McGehee in the process.

#3 Mike Trout Puts The Entire League On Notice

Mike Trout is undoubtedly one of baseballs best and brightest young stars – Pay attention to the belt on his pants to give you an idea of just how high he gets.

#2 Is It Too Late To Undo The Travis Snider Trade?

The Toronto Blue Jays had traded Snider earlier in the year, he quickly shows them what they’ll be missing – Pirates fans should be excited.

#1 Gregor Blanco preserves Perfect Game with a diving catch

On June 13th of this season, Matt Cain was in the midst of pitching the 22nd perfect game in MLB history, when Houston Astros center fielder Jordan Schafer took a pitch deep into gap in right center.  Enter Gregor Blanco – who is able to track the ball deep into what’s known as AT&T Park’s “Triples Alley” – reach out and make one of the great clutch catches in baseball history, allowing Matt Cain to become the 20th pitcher in Major League history to pitch a perfect game.

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Let me know what you think should have made the list!



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