MISC — 29 November 2012

NBA referees have the power to control the pace and flow of the game.

We all remember the controversy surrounding former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who ended up pleading guilty to two federal charges related to the investigation; it’s moments like this from referee Joey Crawford that make the memories all come flowing back and makes you wonder how much of this is still happening before your eyes within the NBA.

Check out this over-enthusiastic call by referee Joey Crawford and tell me what you think:

I see two feet planted and a charge. Laker’s fans would agree with me I’m sure. The fact that he made such a bold move, ‘high stepping’ and drawing a lot of attention to himself , it looks like he was trying to ward-off other referees from making the opposite call. The Pacers ended-up hitting both free shots and winning by two points.

I feel bad for the players if this is the case. Referees ‘swaying’ games to cover spreads or help teams win defies the purpose of sport and pure competition. Those guys go out there every night to compete and to play to win.

I understand that everyday Vegas turns over millions and millions of dollars in sports bets. For them to NOT have someone with power (or multiple people) working on their side seems impossible. This is Vegas we’re talking about now; a city crafted by the mob. Tim Donaghy was merely the fall guy, to think everything that was going on would simply stop after he was caught is hypocrisy.


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