MMA — 10 December 2012

The new 2012 Topps UFC Bloodline Trading Cards are OUT and I just got mine! A HUGE thank you to everyone at Topps for sharing some of the new cards with me!

I received my first set of UFC trading cards at UFC 100 in Las Vegas when they first came out and Topps was handing them out for free to everyone attending the historic UFC 100 event. I’ve added to the collection along the way, but I think the new Bloodline series of cards is really amazing and any UFC fan or card collector should be all over these cards.

The new 2012 Topps UFC Bloodline Trading Cards feature 150 of the most notable fighters within the UFC (and Strikeforce). The unique cards honour the nationality of each fighter as there are obviously no teams within MMA, each fighter represents where they come from.

The Topps UFC Bloodline Trading Cards include the FIRST-EVER UFC women’s champion, Ronda Rousey. As a female, I was happy when I opened my third pack of cards this morning and found a Ronda Rousey trading card.

Here’s a few more of the cards I opened this morning, see Rousey on the left:


My other favourite cards I got today are the Jose Aldo, Ryan Bader, Frankie Edgar, Carlos Condit and Randy Couture cards!

Each pack contains something to look forward to! With autographed cards, amazing relic cards with pieces of fighter gear built right into them and limited edition numbered cards, these are really something unique and special.

The cards I got today were opened and looked at; I took some pictures of them and now they’re already packed away for safe keeping, not to be touched again for decades! I think it’s so exciting to find something rare and keep it. Maybe my future children or their children will be able to make something of my hobby in the future. Already the cards have value, especially the signed and relic cards so I’m gonna hang onto mine for many many years and see what happens.

If you’re a UFC fan, you should definitely start building your Topps UFC Bloodline collection. With MMA and the UFC gaining worldwide popularity, these cards are only going to increase in value. They’re also an awesome piece of memorabilia to own.

I know when I opened mine today and saw the Randy Couture card; I was wishing I had it when I met him when Elite Sports Tours hosted his retirement party following UFC 129 in Toronto. A signature on it would be amazing.


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