FOOTBALL — 18 September 2012

The Sabol family is as important to the culture of football as any player past or present that has ever played professional football. For over 50 years NFL films has becomes synonymous with some of the most compelling and artistic pictures and perspectives of NFL football ever seen. Personally myself watching NFL films and listening to the voice of the late John Facenda was all I needed to fall in love with Football. Today the passing of Steve Sabol after a long battle with brain cancer, marked the end of an era; for many people like myself that was accustomed to seeing and hearing Steve Sabol on NFL films, today is a very sad day.

Jersey-born, Sabol was football player at Colorado College. After his graduation he started working for his father, the legendary Ed Sabol with NFL films; the rest as they say is history. Eventually when ESPN signed NFL films as a production company in the early 80s, Steve Sabol became the face of NFL films, earning 35 Emmys along the way. Steve Sabol is also was a contributing factor to the creation of the NFL Network.

Of all his contributions, to me his greatest is the creation of “The Autumn Wind” poem, which has since become synonymous with the Oakland Raiders football organization; though personally I am not a fan of the Raiders, this legendary piece encapsulated the playing style and culture of a team, better than any sport-related poem in my opinion. Steve along with his father Ed have both been inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame, a move that was inevitable considering all of the contributions the Sabol family has made for over 5 decades; I can personally, today we lost not only one of the greatest contributors in NFL history, but one of the greatest contributors in the history of sports culture.


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