FOOTBALL — 07 January 2013

What Have We Learned This Week

The Houston Texans road to the Superbowl runs through JJ Watt and not Adrian Foster. JJ and his defense singlehandedly ruined Andy Dalton ability to produce consistent offense.

For the Baltimore Ravens, their most valuable players are not Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, nor Ray Rice, it’s
Anquan Boldin and Paul Kruger. Boldin accounted for over 51% of Flacco’s passing yards; meanwhile, Kruger accumulated more sacks than both the Indianapolis Colts defense and the Ravens defense combined.

This weekend was not a good one for rookie Quarterbacks in exception for Russell Wilson, the real Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately for Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, they will have a differently obstacle to climb, namely the “Sophomore jinx”.

Play action-heavy quarterbacks do not not necessarily translate the same success in the regular season, into the postseason; this was proven in the case of RGIII, and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Webb.

As for Adrian Peterson, he taught us all that no matter how good one man is, it takes an entire team to win in the playoffs.


NFL Week 1 Playoff Scores

Bengals 13, Texans 19

Colts 9, Ravens 24

Seahawks 24, Redskins 14

Vikings 10, Packers 24


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