FOOTBALL — 11 November 2012

Story lines: In a clash of defensive titans, who will stand on top; the Chicago Bears or the Houston Texans

Both Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys and Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles, are arguably two of the most scrutinized Quarterbacks in the NFL. Both their teams are not achieving as expected, but who of the two will come through for their respective teams?

Will the Atlanta Falcons continue their perfect season with a win against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints ?

High expectation were placed upon the beleaguered Buffalo Bills before the start of the season. Will they redeem themselves after their devastating week 4 loss against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots

Following their loss at home to the Pittsburgh Steelers , will Eli Manning and the New York Giants come through against the Cincinnati Bengals ?

Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets come into Seattle to face arguably the best Corners in the NFL. Honestly I think what we are all wondering when will it finally be Tebow Time?


NFL Week 10 Score Predictions ( Prediction Record last week: 10 – 3 (again) )

Raiders vs. Ravens – No Ray Lewis, No Ladarius Webb, No problem. The Ravens defenses is still one of the best

Broncos vs. Panthers – Unfortunately for Cam Newton, he’s going back to school and Payton Manning is the teacher

Giants vs Bengals – The Giants were clearly shaken up by the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy last week, they will come through this week.

Titans vs. Dolphins – Frankly speaking, the Titans do not have the tools to face the stingy Dolphins defense.

Lions vs. Vikings – This game is a toss up, but I believe that Calvin Johnson will be the difference maker in this game.

Steelers vs. Chiefs – I know that people are thinking this will be a blowout, I think people will be surprised how this game plays out. In the end the Steelers will come through.

Bills vs. Patriots – The Bills right now are not playing good football, though they are definitely putting the effort in. Unfortunately for them they have to face the most potent offense in the NFL

Texans vs. Bears – This dance will be nothing fancy between both teams; hard-nosed, smash mouth football between two defensive titans.The difference will be the potency of the Quarterbacks which will favor Houston.

Rams vs. 49ers – This game will not be a fun experienced for St.Louis whom is already having a disappointing season.

Cowboys vs. Eagles – Even though the Cowboys have lost their last 3 game, they have been very competitive, which unfortunately cannot be said for the Eagles.

Jets vs. Seahawks – I believe after this game, it may be Tebow Time

Chargers vs. Buccaneers – With weakness known in the Chargers defense, rookie Running Back Doug Martin has a chance for an encore performance.

Falcons vs. Saints – Some teams just have “it”, the Atlanta Falcons are just that good this year.


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