FOOTBALL — 12 November 2012

What have we learned this week –

When it all comes down to it, nobody’s perfect; sorry Atlanta Falcons.

In one of the grittiest, toughest football games you’ll see this season, the Houston Texans came out on top.

No team may have answers on how to beat Payton Manning, but Payton surely has the answers to beat any team.

Nobody would have imagined that the first tied game in 2012 would involve the St Louis Rams of all teams.

The Buffalo Bills will someday get it right and beat Tom Brady, it just won’t be this year.

I quote @EvilMikeTomlin on Twitter; “The Seahawks said they beat the Jets by finding Mark Sanchez’s weakness……football”

Speaking of weaknesses, the Baltimore Ravens are playing like they have none.

Even a monstrous performance by Calvin Johnson can’t conceal the problem with the Detroit Lions; their inability to tackle.

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys may have saved Jason Garrett’s job; the Philadelphia Eagles on the other hand did not help Andy Reid’s cause with their performance today


NFL Week 10 Scores

Ravens 55, Raiders 20
Broncos 36, Panthers 14
Bengals 31, Giants 13
Titans 37, Dolphins 3
Vikings 34, Lions 24
Patriots 37, Bills 31
Saints 31, Falcons 27
Buccaneers 34, Chargers 24
Seahawks 28, Jets 7
Cowboys 38, Eagles 23
Rams 23 , 49ers 23 (Tied)
Texans 13, Bears 6


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