FOOTBALL — 26 November 2012

What Have We Learned This Week –

As that song on Sesame Street used to say “You can’t tell a hero by his size”. Ray Rice reminded us of this lesson as he gave his Baltimore Ravens the play they needed in order to prolong the game and win in overtime!

Colin Kaepernick will soon have a new backup quarterback, his name is Alex Smith

At this point, the Pittsburgh Steelers would rather have Ben Roethlisberger play the rest of the season with one arm, rather than have to settle for any of their backup qarterbacks.

With Jay Cutler back and healthy again, the Chicago Bears are back to their winning ways again.

Payton Manning as always is a master at work, just ask the Kansas City Chiefs

Never judge a team after their first 4 games, ask the Arizona Cardinals.

Mario Williams can get all the sacks he wants, it won’t be enough to conceal the disastrous season his Buffalo Bills are having.

NFL Week 12 Scores:

Vikings 10 , Bears 28
Raiders 10, Bengals 34
Steelers 14, Browns 20
Bills 13, Colts 20
Titans 19, Jaguars 24
Broncos 19 , Chiefs 9
Seahawks 21 , Dolphins 24
Falcons 24, Buccaneers 23
Ravens 16, Chargers 13 OT
Rams 31, Cardinals 17
49ers 31, Saints 17
Packers 10, Giants 38



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