FOOTBALL — 01 December 2012

Storylines: The playoff race in the AFC and in the NFC is heating up as teams such as the Dallas Cowbows, Pittsburgh Steelers , Cincinnati Bengals, and Indianapolis Colts are each in the Wild Card playoff mix. At this point of the season, each game can have major playoff implications.

Charlie Batch and the Pittsburgh Steelers allowed 8 turnovers, which included fumbles by each of their running backs, resulting in a rare defeat by the hands of the Cleveland Browns last week. In steelersland there is panic as their leader and MVP Ben Roethlisbergerhas been ruled out to play for a second consecutive week; may believe without Ben, the Steelers are not the same team. Will the Batch and Steelers redeem themselves from last week’s performance with a victory in Baltimore against Ray Rice and the always potent Baltimore Ravens?

National attention will be set upon on the Kansas City Chiefs as they host Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, the eve after the most unexpected tragedy to strike their franchise or any NFL team, in the history of the NFL. With the tragic death of Jovan Belcher perhaps the victory doesn not necessarily come from defeating the Panthers, it will likely come from having the spirit to step on the field and play.

Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets have had the type of season that would result in their most devoted fan and symbol of their team Fireman Ed to desert them. This Sunday they host another team whom is having also having disappointing after a hot beginning, the Arizona Cardinals. With this be the game where Tim Tebow will finally get his chance to show what he can do?

To some, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Denver Broncos game appears to be just another game. But for Payton Manning and the Broncos, a victory in this game gives them the AFC West and a playoff birth. No doubt with this at stake, Payton will make life very hard for the Buccaneers’ defense


NFL Week 13 Score Predictions (Prediction Record last week: 9 – 3 )

* Indicated bold prediction of the week

Jaguars vs Bills – I’ll say this much, the Jags’ defense is better than people think.

Seahawks vs. Bears – With Jay Cutler back in full mode, the Bears team looks like it’s back to its winning ways.

Colts vs Lions – I just don’t see how the Lions defense is going to regulate Andrew Luck and co.

Vikings vs. PackersChristian Ponder will become a better QB from watching Aaron Rodgers.

Panthers vs Kansas City – In dedication to the passing of Jovan Belcher, I will not make a prediction for this game. The Chiefs deserve all the respect in the world for playing the day after a tragedy.

Patriots vs. Dolphins – The Dolphins defense just does not have the tool to stop someone like Tom Brady; this game may not be pretty to watch.

Cardinals vs Jets – There was a time the Arizona defense was unstoppable, this was about 7 weeks ago. I believe if they find this mojo again, they can win this game.

49ers vs Rams – The last time both these team met, was in week 10 which resulted in a tie. I believe this game will be very different with 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick leading the show.

Texans vs. Titans – My feeling is that this victory will not come easy for the Texans, as their last few have been decided in overtime.

Buccaneers vs Broncos – With AFC West title and a playoff birth at stake, I believe Payton Manning will put on his best performance to make sure his Broncos win this game.

Steelers vs Ravens – On top of the fact the Steelers offense has been very poor in the last two weeks, they are playing in Baltimore and with Charlie Batch at the helm. Unless the Steelers defense can somehow score touchdowns as well as getting sacks, I don’t see them winning this game.

Browns vs Raiders – I am sure the Browns will not be facing a third-string quarterback when they visit Oakland.

Bengals vs Chargers – A few weeks ago I labeled the Chargers as being “hapless”. Well after watching Ray Rice successfully convert on 4th and 29 when they were close to winning the game, I can officially say that this team is exactly as I labeled them …. ‘hapless’.

*Eagles vs Cowboys – As inefficient the Eagles have been most of this season, I believe they will find a way to win against Tony Romo and the Cowboys, whom have been less than impressive this season.


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