FOOTBALL — 31 December 2012

What Have We Learned on the Last Day of The Regular Season

Adrian Peterson showed us what true greatness was all about. Even though he did not break the single season rushing record, he carried his Minnesota Vikings into the playoffs which was much more important. Hence, one can say that Mr. Peterson embodies what it means to be a true professional.

Tony Romo‘s legacy is marred in the fact that in the face of franchise-changing games, he can never seem to rise to the occasion; the Dallas Cowboys find themselves again on the outside looking in.

We learned that you should not allow others to control your destiny and that every game you lose, could be the be the deciding factor in making or missing the playoffs. The following teams learned this lesson: the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New York Giants, and the Chicago Bears.

All Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts needed was a reminder of what their season was all about; that reminder came in the form of Chuck Pagano.


NFL Week 17 Scores

Buccaneers 22, Falcons 17

Jets 9 , Bills 28

Ravens 17, Bengals 23

Bears 26, Lions 24

Texans 16, Colts 28

Panthers 44, Saints 38

Eagles 7 , Giants 42

Browns 10, Steelers 24

Jaguars 20, Titans 38

Chiefs 3, Broncos 38

Packers 34, Vikings 37

Dolphins 0 , Patriots 28

Raiders 21, Chargers 24

Rams 13, Seahawks 20

Cardinals 13, 49ers 27

Cowboys 18 , Redskins 28


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