FOOTBALL — 15 October 2012

What have we learned this week – Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ike Taylor has not learned anything from last year’s AFC Wild Card Playoff game, no matter how hard Michael Vick tries, things just does not seem to go his way; the Baltimore Ravens may have won, but in the process they may have lost much more than they bargained for. Eli Manning is indeed an elite Quarterback, on the hand Alex Smith still has plenty to learn; Robert Griffin III is not only the Washington Redskins’ greatest asset, he is their only asset. Seattle Seahawks’ not only has the NFL’s best defense, but they comes with a pretty good offense, never underestimate Aaron Rodgers and The Green Bay Packers, and at the end of the day, the Atlanta Falcon’s are still perfect.

Titans 26 , Steelers 23
Falcons 23 , Raiders 20
Ravens 31 , Cowboys 29
Browns 34 , Bengals 24
Dolphins 17 , Rams 14
Jets 35 , Colts 9
Lions 26 , Eagles 23 OT
Buccaneers 38 , Chiefs 10
Bills 19 , Cardinals 16 OT
Seahawks 24 , Patriots 23
Giants 26 , 49ers 3
Redskins 38 , Vikings 26
Packers 42 , Texans 24


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