FOOTBALL — 29 October 2012

What have we learned this week – it’s not how your uniform looks, it’s about what you achieve wearing it; the Pittsburgh Steelers may have been wearing ugly uniforms, but they looked sharp the entire game. For the New York Jets not even 363 total net yards is enough to produce more than one touchdown, let alone give them a win. In London, Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots looked like royalty, the Atlanta Falcons are still perfect, Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts are at their best in overtime, bad weather is kryptonite for the Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers; after a comeback win by the Chicago Bears , Cam Newton will inevitably have more people to criticize. If it makes the Carolina Panthers feel better, they score points which cannot be said about the Kansas City Chiefs whom are not getting any better. Whenever the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants face each other, it is always a classic; unfortunately for Dez Bryant and the Cowboys, it was not meant to be on this day. Lastly, it is safe to conclude that the NFL’s best Scientist is Denver Broncos’ Quarterback Payton Manning; no one can pick apart and dissect an opposing team’s defense the way he can.

NFL Week 8 Scores

Bears 23 , Panthers 22
Browns 7 , Chargers 6
Lions 28, Seahawks 24
Packers 24 , Jaguars 15
Dolphins 30 , Jets 9
Falcons 30 , Eagles 17
Steelers 27 , Redskins 12
Patriots 45 , Rams 7
Colts 19 , Titans 13 OT
Raiders 26 , Chiefs 16
Giants 29 , Cowboys 24
Broncos 34 , Saints 14


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