FOOTBALL — 04 November 2012

Storylines: What affect will Hurricane Sandy have on both the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giantsin their game on Sunday?

In the battle of young, elite, athletic Quarterbacks, who will prevail; Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers or Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins ?

After one of their worst defensive showings in franchise history, how will the Baltimore Ravens respond in their game against the Cleveland Browns?

The Buffalo Bills coming from their bye week, will encounter J.J. Watt and the menacing Houston Texans defense; a defense any team would not enjoy facing after a bye week.

Whenever any team plays Payton Manning in week 7. The pending question; how will the Cinncinnati Bengalsdefense respond to arguably the greatest student to ever play the game?

The Atlanta Falcons have another opportunity to defend their perfect record as they host the Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys in the late night game on Sunday. To know the answers for all these questions, make sure to watch NFL games on Sunday.


NFL Week 9 Score Predictions ( Prediction Record last week: 10 – 3 )

Bears vs. Titans – The Titans will likely be no match against on of the best defenses in the NFL

Ravens vs. Browns – Even without Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb, the Ravens defense will do enough to win.

Seahawks vs. Vikings– In a battle of two evenly matched team, the Vikings’ offense will be the difference

Packers vs. Cardinals – Arizona is not the same team that started the season 4 – 0.

Dolphins vs. Colts – Andrew Luck may not have very much it against a stingy Dolphins defense

Cowboys vs. Falcons – Unfortunately for Tony Romo and the Cowboys, they just can’t finish games.

Steelers vs. Giants – With the outbreak of Hurricane Sandy, it will likely have more an affect on the Giants than the Steelers

Lions vs. Jaguars – Two very underachieving teams, but the Lions will ride the momentum from their win in week 8 against the Seahawks.

Bills vs. Texans – The last thing the Bills need is to play the Texans, let alone play them on their turf.

Buccaneers vs. Raiders – a battle of even teams, but the Bucs have a great Quarterback in Josh Freeman.

Eagles vs. Saints – Both teams have had their share of organizational obstacles this year. Though the Saints have the Drew Brees factor.

Broncos vs Bengals – Just reference their game against the Chargers; Payton Manning knows the opposing team’s defense better than their coordinator.

Panthers vs. Redskins – One of the most anticipated games of the year. RGIII ability to run Playaction plays will confuse the Panther defense.


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