FOOTBALL — 05 November 2012

What have we learned this week

If your defense is able to force 5 turnovers in a game, you’ll likely always win, ask the Chicago Bears .

For the first time in long time, the Carolina Panthers defense won a game for Cam Newton.

The Indianapolis Colts are looking like a playoff team, and Andrew Luck is turning out to be one of the best decisions that franchise has made since Payton Manning; speaking of Payton Manning, he and his Denver Broncos continue to make the task of beating his team extremely difficult.

The Bufflo Bills certainly did not enjoy their welcome back into action after their bye week, as the J.J. Watt displayed why he is arguably the best all-around defensive player in the NFL.

The Arizona Cardinals are not the team we thought they were, but Aaron Rodgers is certainly the player we all knew he was.

Even with a defense marred by key injuries, the Cleveland Browns showed why they are last in the AFC North, as they were unable to take advantage of a good situation against the Baltmore Ravens.

Perhaps it is best for the Minnesota Vikings offense to use less Christian Ponder , and more Adrian Peterson because something is not working.

Who is Doug Martin? Well perhaps you should ask the Oakland Raiders because they found out the hard way, as he displayed a rushing performance for the ages.

No matter what any team tries at this point, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons are still perfect.

In the end, there were no losers in the Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Giants, as both team successfully overcame adversity after one of the biggest natural disasters this world has seen. (My heart goes to all the people affected by Hurricane Sandy).


NFL Week 9 Scores

Bears 51 , Titans 20
Broncos 31 , Bengals 23
Packers 31 , Cardinals 17
Ravens 25, Browns 15
Texans 21 , Bills 9
Colts 23 , Dolphins 20
Steelers 24 , Giants 20
Lions 31 , Jaguars 14
Panthers 21, Redskins 12
Buccaneers 42, Raiders 32
Seahawks 30, Vikings 20
Falcons 19, Cowboys 13


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