MISC — 14 March 2014

Here’s a classic example of censorship and the NHL trying to take violence out of the sport. In this case, Warrior debuted an ad for their new Dynasty hockey stick with Zdeno Chara taking a blistering slap shot that comically sees the goaltenders head taken off and the goal subsequently being scored. This apparently is too much for the NHL and they banned the ad. The commercial feature Jimmy Howard and he claims “That Mother****** is crazy” in the ad. Obviously a little too much for the image of hockey… I guess they have never seen Goon or Slap Shot. God forbid they ever ban some of these gem movies because they are too violent. This Saturday if you want to see violence tune into UFC 171 where Johnny Hendricks is bound to knock someones head off. Tell us what you think? Is this commercial too much or is the NHL over reacting? Watch the video before it gets banned  online:

Watch: Hilarious Russell Westbrook Commercial


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