HOCKEY — 09 October 2012

The NHL is starting to be a victim of it’s own demise. If Gary Bettman is trying to globalize the sport of hockey, he is doing a fine job by allowing NHL stars to walk over seas and put on highlight reel goals outside of the NHL. These super stars look even better in the KHL because they’re playing against lower quality talent and the fans don’t care. If anything it is allowing the fans from Europe the taste of what could be? Fans are filling arena’s to see their favourite stars play and the quality of players just keeps increasing by the day! Players like Henrik Zetterberg have just signed new deals to go over seas and Gary Bettman and the owners are twiddling their thumbs while their product “The NHL” is being alienated and compromised every day.

The bigger question when all is said and done is… “What are we going to do with Gary Bettman?” How is it possible to have a winning situation out of this lockout if the man who has caused 3 work stoppages is still in control? I don’t think fans will ever be satisfied until his shoes are filled.

Hey Gary! Check out this awesome goal from Evgeni Malkin in the KHL! I bet the sponsors, owners and fans are STOKED your stupidity has tainted North American hockey and let all the talent just float away. The sport is what hurts at the end of the day.

Enjoy your daily dose of KHL highlights… Send all thanks to Gary Bettman.


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