HOCKEY — 06 September 2012

The NHLPA has advised it’s members of how things will be dealt with in the presence of an NHL lockout this season.

The memo was obtain by USA Today Sports and is titled, “How Does a Lockout Affect Me?”

The memo talks to members about sever situations which could arise in the event of an NHL lockout, including what to expect if a player chooses to sign with a different team in another league.

“We expect that your NHL club would suspend you without pay until you are fit to play. There also is a possibility that the club might take other disciplinary action,” the memo stated in regards to players signing with other leagues. “The NHLPA may be able to dispute such suspensions and disciplinary actions under the grievance and arbitration procedure.

“If you intend to play for a club in another league during a lockout, we recommend that you ask that club to insure the value of your SPC (standard players’ contract) against injury. If the club is unwilling to do so, we recommend that you purchase disability insurance on your own.”

The memo educated players on the fact that injured athletes will still receive their paychecks during a lockout. Players who are dealing with long-term injuries ore who are out as a result of surgery will still be paid.

“If you are unfit to play because of a hockey-related injury when a lockout begins, you are entitled to receive your salary until you are fit to play. If you are currently injured, you should make sure that your condition is fully documented and that your club is aware of it. If you do not receive your salary payment when it becomes due, you should contact your agent and/or the NHLPA legal department immediately.” The memo reads.

In addition to paying injured players, the NHL will be paying buyout payments, signing bonuses and escrow payments.



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