SOCCER — 06 July 2012

In an effort to protect the 2012 London Olympic Games Britain’s Ministry of defense will have six sites in London protected with surface-to-air missile defence systems.

The surface-to-air missiles are being used as a powerful deterrent against terrorist attacks. Britains Ministry of Defence confirmed the details.

Currently, there is constant security surrounding the bearer of the Olympic Torch. Their primary concern is to protect the integrity of the flame and protect whomever carries the flame.

“Our goal is to have as few officers out as we possibly can, because we want the focus to be on the torch bearer and people should allow that person their once in a lifetime opportunity to run with the flame,” National Olympic Security Coordinator Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison said. “If anybody is thinking of protesting they should come and talk to us, but you don’t have the right to stop the torchbearer carrying the torch.’’



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