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You may remember Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati, he won a gold medal for Canada in the 1998 Winter Olympics. It was the first-ever gold medal handed out for the sport in the Olympic Games.

Briefly, Rebagliati had his medal stripped after testing positive for marijuana. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) decided to revert their decision and give him his medal back following an appeal from Rebagliati saying the smoke was second hand.

As a result, Ross Rebagliati has been since known for the marijuana infraction. Whether he did smoke it or not is not the point, he plans on finally cashing in on his close association to the drug.

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Rebagliati has received financial backing to open a new medical marijuana dispensary in Whistler, B.C. Remember everyone, what he is planning to do here is perfectly legal and actually within the eyes of many he’s doing a big favor to those in need. He plans to name the store “Ross’s Gold.”

Medicinal marijuana shops already exist, although apparently they are the easiest to access or pose the most friendly appeal to some medical marijuana users.

Whether or not Ross Rebagliati did indeed use marijuana prior to his 1998 victory really doesn’t matter if you ask me. In no way shape or form do I believe that marijuana can in anyway be used as a method to enhance your performance in sport, so who really cares? It’s not like we’re talking about what Lance Armstrong did…

Rebagliati stands by his desire to offer an inviting, safe and friendly place which people aren’t ashamed to enter. He is planning on utilizing much of the Starbucks business model in order to appeal to customers.

We’re looking at creating an environment similar to the one that Starbucks has created for their clients … and try to shed some of the old stereotypes when it comes to the marijuana industry.”

On the topic of why he is choosing to do this, Rebagliati said, “The fact that ever since the ’98 Olympics 15 years ago I’ve been synonymous with marijuana.” Hes now ready to cash in on the association.

Ross Rebagliati isn’t the first person to see a business opportunity from changes to marijuana laws. Washington state recently made recreational marijuana legal. A former Microsoft employee is also looking to cash in:

Do you have a negative opinion on medicinal marijuana? Maybe you should watch this clip and then tell me what you think.

Many people strongly support the legalization of marijuana, including UFC’s Joe Rogan:



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