NCAA — 10 July 2012

Despite all the upheaval following the arrest of Jerry Sandusky and everything that came to follow, Penn State received more than $208 million in donations for for last fiscal year. This is the second-highest in the history of the university.

The total number of alumni who donated money or gifts was more than 75,500; up from the past two years which both saw slight declines. The total number of donors, including corporations and non-alumni, also rose slightly to more than 191,000.

“We’re very grateful — humbled really — to have this kind of response from Penn Staters, who I think have rallied to the cause … by the side of the institution through a very difficult time,” Rod Kirsch, senior vice president for development and alumni relations commented Monday in an interview.

Sandusky is currently awaiting sentencing. He was found guilty on 45 criminal counts last month. The findings of the school’s internal investigation, led by former FBI director Louis Freeh, are expected to be released very soon.

Penn State has re-assured that private donations, tuition dollars and state appropriations will not be used to pay for any fees or costs associated with the Sandusky scandals. The costs associated with Jerry Sandusky’s legal costs to Penn State, through the end of April had already totaled $11.9 million!



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