MISC SOCCER — 01 December 2012

The word Canadian women’s soccer coach John Herdman used to describe this exclusion was “travesty”, personally I believe that Mr. Herdman was being too classy by using that word. Considering this, on the biggest stage, the one of most compelling and intense matches in the history of olympics, we saw was a woman in god-like form. Someone who put together one of the best individual performances in olympic soccer history; personally for me, one of the best individual performances I have seen in long time (since Vince Young’s in the Rose Bowl back in 2006). Personally myself watching Christine Sinclair score three goals against the FIFA ranked # 1 team in the world, in was inconceivable that Christine would not be considered for FIFA player of the year; frankly her performance was good enough for consideration of athlete of the year. But if it was not bad enough watch Sinclair and all of team Canada have their chance at an olympic gold medal taken away by a referee, this news that Christine Sinclair was even mentioned in the shortlist for player of the year makes me sick to my stomach. Plain and simple this is all poltics, and the type of politics that should not even factor in on this type of decision, but unfortunately for Christine and coach Herdman it has. If you closely at the list of players, you would noticed that two players from the supposed women’s soccer gold medal team made this list; Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan , two players that benefited from a corrupt Norweigian referee in that disgraceful event which was the womens soccer gold medal olympic semifinals match against the United States. More to the point, both of these players do not belong in Christine’s league and I guarantee both Wamback and Morgan are aware of this fact; besides, they witnessed what Christine was singlehandly doing to their team, before their “12th player” bailed them out. If you add to this whole equation, coach Herman’s omission for FIFA coach of the year, one can come to the conclusion that FIFA has little to no credibility; well guess what, they don’t. At this point I am not going to make any suggestions as to what FIFA should do or where to go, the fact of matter is Christine Sinclair is the best female soccer player in the world; I know this, all of Canada knows this, all of team USA knows this to be the truth, and FIFA themselves know this and will regret what they did to her very soon. So keep your head up Christine, Canada loves you.


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