BASKETBALL MISC — 13 December 2012

I have to say for a person whom is not a Toronto Raptors, I find this team extremely facinating to follow but at the same time their decline comes as no surprise to me. This team as many of the Toronto based teams part of the MLSE, are exactly what I’ve always said they were; good enough for the preseason, not good enough to play a full season. To me even with the injuries to key players such as Kyle Lowry and Andrea Bargnani, the fact of the matter is that this team was not doing any better when they were healthy. I believe that Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo is ignoring the fact that he is simply not the person to guide this team on the right direction.

For starters trading is not going to help this team, if anything I believe that it will make the situation worse. Trading players should only come in the instance where a team believes it could benefit them in the long terms; more importantly, if the player they intend to trade for can not only adapt with the players on the team, but make them better. When I hear these rumors of the GM looking to trade their leading scorer in Bargnani, with the season barely 2 months old, I can only say that the crisis on this team is deeper; it is one of those things that a trade will likely not fix. If Colangelo has any hopes of salvaging this season, his best bet is to use any measures possible to force this team to believe in themselves on two levels; individually and as a whole. When I watch this team play, I get the impression that all of them feel out of place; unworthy to share the court with elite players such as Lebron James or Kevin Durant.

This whole crisis can be solved by two sources; by coach Dwayne Casey to instil within each player, the mentality of their worthiness to play and beat any team they face any given night. The second source is the players themselves, they need to believe in themselves and the potential they possess. With these things noted, the injuries themselves could be more psychological than physical, so once they find a way to implement both solutions I have noted, positive changes are imminent.


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