FOOTBALL — 02 January 2013

One of the most regarded Sports Journalist in North America Stephen A. Smith said it best on his ESPN show First Take when he said the following; he is the best non-elite Quarterback in the NFL. I believe this statement best encapulates the career of Mr. Romo up onto this point. Perhaps more disturbing than the 3 interceptions Sunday against the Washington Redskins, Romo career record in win-or-go-home games is 1-6. Perhaps this would be the time for Jerry Jones to sit down and assess the following; firstly, is Tony Romo really the right person to take his team to the next level. Secondly, did it really make sense to resign Jason Garrett, when Sean Payton was available to sign? But perhaps the last question that needs to be asked, what steps should be taken to change the culture in Dallas, as Stephen Smith eloquently stated in his show. The likeliest scenario is that Dallas fans will see Tony at the helm come time next fall. With this noted, the upcoming draft will have a plethora of talented, young quarterbacks; perhaps this is the time that Mr. Jones should think of drafting one because as far as I am concerned, Tony Romo is not the person that will take this team to the Superbowl anytime soon.


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