BASKETBALL NCAA — 22 November 2012

On any basketball stage, whether it be High School, Collegiate, or Professional level, scoring 100 points in a game is a feat that very few have accomplished in the last 100 years. Yesterday, Division III Grinnell College Point Guard Jack Taylor, became part of an elite group that includes names such as Cherryl Miller, Bevo Francis , and the legendary Wilt Chamberlain. Personally I believe that Jack Taylor’s performance will garner attention from NBA teams, whom before would have never thought to look his way; let’s face it, if a person can score that many points in a game, that person must be talented in a way that is unique from his peers. If one were to look closer at his statistics from this game, there is another number that sticks out just as much as the 138 points he scored, his 0 assists.

When I look at this number, a few ideas come to mind as to why a Point Guard managed not to dish out any assists. Firstly, the competence of his teammates comes into question; am I to assume that his teammates were so incompetent (at least for that game), that he decided upon himself not to share in order for his team to win? One can envision his teammates wondering at what point would Mr. Taylor might decide to share the ball. Secondly, where was the coach in this entire equation? If he is watching one player from his team taking shots and not sharing the ball, at some point would he have not intervened and instructed Mr. Taylor to make an assist or two? Lastly, if the defense on the other team was doing their job on Mr. Taylor, there would have been several instances where he would have been forced to alleviate the pressure by passing the ball to one of his teammates; thus resulting in a good number of assists on his score sheet.

By no means is this piece meant to discredit or downplay this amazing feat that very few have accomplished in this lifetime, but I believe for Jack Taylor to make it to the next level, he needs to make sure that all aspects of his game are well balanced. He is obviously a gifted athlete, but the aspect that I believe will help carry Mr. Taylor to the next level, is his ability to recognize his weaknesses, and take the necessary steps to make them as strong if not stronger than his ability to score points.


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