BASKETBALL — 11 November 2012

A few day ago I posed the question whether or not it was too early in the season to make a judgement on the 2012 Toronto Raptors team. But following the Raptors 93 – 83 defeat against the Philadelphia 76ers at home, one has to begin to wonder if this team is just not good enough to compete. What makes this particular game disturbing in contrast to their previous games, the Raptors only managed to score 7 points in the 2nd quarter of this game. One does not need to be a basketball expert to know that if your team scores in single digits for an entire quarter, they are likely not winning the game. Personally I think it is time for the Raptors devotees to do some soul searching and decide if this team is worthwhile watching. Yes it may sound harsh but their seemingly is a common trend with MLSE based teams; that trend is to inundate the Toronto fan base with sub-par product. Whether it is coaching, scouting, or just the overall environment itself that is causing these issues, I speak for the large fan base (personally I am not a Raptors fan, but a sympathizer), that something within the MLSE has to change and change very soon.


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