FOOTBALL — 19 March 2012

The Peyton Manning era in Indianapolis has been over for a few weeks now and today Peyton decided to end the sweepstakes by joining the Mile High Club, Denver Broncos! This decision leaves a lot of questions open with the future of “Tebow-Mania” in Denver. After taking the team into the playoffs and a surprise victory of the Steelers sent fans into hysteria over the former Florida Gator QB Tim Tebow. One of Tim Tebow’s biggest weakness is his ability to pass the football. That’s kind of a big deal, at least in football.

Do the Denver Broncos trade Tim Tewbow to a team like Jacksonville which would benefit the franchise greatly with a strong Tebow fan base in Jacksonville Florida, or should the team keep Tim Tebow and let him learn from one of the greatest QB’s in the NFL. This could be a great opportunity for a young talent like Tim Tebow who could learn from Peyton Manning for a few years and develop his potential as a quarterback and finally learn how to PASS a football.

It will be interesting to see what the Denver Broncos decide to do with their #1 Jersey Seller Tim Tebow. One thing is for sure, Denver Jersey sales will have another successful season thanks to the new acquisition Peyton Manning who is expected to command a contract int he neighbourhood of 5 years 90 Million (That’s a lot of jerseys!).

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