HOCKEY — 08 February 2013

Finally Toronto Maple Leafs fans can get the monkey off Phil Kessel’s back. After going 10 games without a goal, the Toronto media had “trade kessel” rumours flying. In Toronto no matter the sports, they’re always down on their commodities when they aren’t performing. The first reaction is to trade anyone at the first sign of weakness. For example everyone in Toronto wants Andrea Bargnani gone. Trading a player when they haven’t scored or performed in 10 games isn’t going to draw the attention of many. Unless your willing to part with your player at a discount you hope that a player over achieves and you are able to sell high.

Fans will get off Phil Kessel’s back for another game or two but this is a story that has become all to familiar with Phil Kessel’s name attached to it. It seems like every season Phil Kessel seems to get into a slump and just doesn’t score goals. For someone who is seen as a “goal scorer” it’s kind of ironic that he lacks the consistency required IMO to be considered a goal scorer. I would gladly take Datsyuk any day of the week as my goal scorer, but clearly the Toronto Maple Leafs have the luxury of having players go 10 games without a goal.

In a shortened season the last thing you want is a player to go 10 games with out a goal. I’m pretty good at math and in a season that has less than 50 games, going 10 in a row without a goal is not ideal! On the bright side Phil Kessel not only ended his goalless streak, but he scored his 100th goal as a Toronto Maple Leaf.

If you missed the goal here’s a look at it below:



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