FOOTBALL — 25 January 2013

There is a strong superstition within the NHL that you are not to touch the Stanley Cup until you actually win it. If you touch it before, superstition has it that you will never win it.

The same theory does not normally apply within the NFL; teams are normally quick to pose with the Lombardi Trophy. That will not be the case for the Baltimore Ravens this year as former superbowl champion Ray Lewis gave his teammates strict advice: Nobody, for any reason, was to pose in a photo with the Lombardi Trophy.

The Lombardi Trophy spend the day at the Ravens facility on Thursday, which is normally when players would all take photos with the trophy. Teammates reportedly followed orders and no Ravens team member came anywhere near the trophy.

Lewis wants his team to feel hungry for the trophy. He told them they can take photos with the trophy once they EARN it against the San Francisco 49ers.



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