BASEBALL — 06 September 2012

There is no question that Ricky Romero is having the worst season of his career, and very likely the worst career of any Toronto Blue Jays pitcher in their 36 year history. The two unusual aspects I found following this monumental collapse firstly has to do with the fact that it didn’t begin this way. His record before June 27, 2012 was 8-1 with a respectable ERA of 4.34; since that period Ricky Romero has carried a horrendous record of 0-12 was an ERA of 5.85; in the month of July alone, his ERA was 8.04. This past Sunday was an all-time low for Ricky Romero where he gave up seven runs on eight hits and a walk; and was unable to get out of a single inning.

Perhaps what is more intriguing about all this are the excuses that are constantly being made for Ricky Romero’s poor performances. Many experts link it to physical ailments that he has perhaps been concealing, many attribute it to mental issues, namely confidence issue; which personally is very unusually knowing that he started the season very strong, and the previous 3 seasons beforehand, he showed nothing but progress.

With both these aspects noted, I believe the true problem with Ricky Romero reveals itself; everyone around him has expended so much time giving Ricky Romero excuses, it has become counterproductive to his development; hence the continuation of his poor performances. I believe the problem is that no one around him has the courage in giving Ricky what he needs, ‘tough love ‘. Someone has to remind Ricky what his role on this team should be as a professional player, and if he’s incapable of fulfilling that role successful, they will someone more qualified to do so. More importantly, it is up to Ricky Romero to take responsibility for his embarrassing play. I believe he has shown disregard for the hundreds of devout Blue Jays fans whom spend their hard earned money to see a quality product on the field; it doesn’t necessarily have to result in a win each time, but a quality performance by everyone who is being paid millions to do so every year.

Every member of this year’s Toronto Blue Jays team should be personally accountable for their part in what has been a very disappointing season, one that started with much promise and anticipation. Ricky Romero is going to have a long off-season, in which he will need to decide within himself if he will let this season define his entire career from this point; or if he is ready to take his game to next level and become the pitcher this team believes he can be.

What happened to this Ricky Romero that was featured in this video?


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