BASEBALL — 12 September 2012

I have to say that this news does come as a surprise, considering yet another dismal season for the Toronto Blue Jays. Speculation has arisen the last few days of the possibility of Blue Jays Manager John Farrell, making his return to the Boston Red Sox as their manager. For anyone who is not familiar with the current predicament of Boston under their current manger Bobby Valentine, one can simply describe them as a dysfunctional family; more importantly, one that has underachieved in such a dramatic way, it is likely the case that the Boston organization will go through major changes this coming off season.

Though John Farrell has made it very clear that his priority is to coach the Blue Jays, he was Boston’s top choice to replace their former manager Terry Francona last October. On top of this is speculation that the Blue Jays organization may not extend John Farrell’s contract; this detail perhaps could be the catalyst that would ultimately lead to John Farrell’s departure from the Blue Jays.

Another factor that could determine John Farrell’s decision involves a Pitcher by the name of Rubby De La Rosa. According to the Bo Sox Injection website , the mega trade that sent Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto to Los Angeles for Rubby De La Rosa and others, may likely be the key to convincing John Farrell to return to Boston. The Blue Jays have made it known their desire to have Rubby De La Rosa on their team; thus the Red Sox have something the Blue Jays need, and perhaps an exchange that would see John Farrell return could make that happen.

With all these confusing storylines, what is known for now is that John Farrell remains devoted to the Blue Jays. Though I strongly believe that the off season for the Toronto Blue Jays is going to be very interesting.

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