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The Houston Texans head into thier bye week with a new starting quarterback as Ryan Fitzpatrick has officially been benched for the former Patriots back-up and Tom Brady protege, Ryan Mallett. Head Coach, Bill O’Brien has announced the switch after a 4-5 record and is quoted as saying “Watching Ryan in practice, I really believe he’s gotten better and better” and that “His huddle command, his knowledge of our offense. He’s really been in the system for four years, he was drafted in 2011. Obviously he backed up Tom (Brady) for three years and came in here to back up Ryan (Fitzpatrick) and I think he’s made a lot of progress“.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been anything but spectacular as the starting quarterback for the Texans as he’s thrown for 1,960 yards with 11 TD’s and 8 INT’s. He’s actually been quite mediocre despite a great rushing attack as Arian Foster has rushed for 822 yards and 7 TD’s, so its not like defences are dropping everyone into coverage. Theres simply no excuse, this is the same reason why Fitzpatrick has become a journeyman quarterback throughout the NFL and has played for 5 different teams throughout his 10 year career. He’s simply not a starter, I continue to scratch my head every time a new team signs him on to be anything but a back-up. HE’S A BACK-UP QB, I feel like I’m going crazy as the only person that sees this. Even his career stats are mediocre as he’s passed for 18,750 yards with 117 TD’s and 101 INT’s and has a career record of 31-54-1 (mediocrity at its best). He certainly deserves to be in the NFL and even on a team but in a back-up role only, he’s actually one of the better back-ups in the NFL but a back-up is simply all he is.

Fitzpatrick get picked of by Orlando Scandrick

Ryan Mallett will finally get his shot at an NFL starting job after backing up Brady for 3 years and it will be interesting to see what the 4th year QB can do. He’s seen very limited play and believe when I say LIMITED is the best word to use as he’s only completed 1/4 passes for 17 yards with 0 TD’s and 1 INT through out his CAREER. Now I’m sure you Texans fans are really excited after hearing those numbers but to be fair, he was playing behind one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game of football in Tom Brady and definitely did not see many reps through practice. Despite the lack of experience and stats, Mallett‘s confidence is sky high as he’s stated “My football IQ is a lot higher than a lot of people think it is. If you think I’m a dumb player, fine. My advantage there“. Even Andre Johnson is a fan of Mallett as he’s said numerous times that he loves the kids “big arm“.

Sports Science tests Mallett’s arm strength in College

All in all Texans fans, don’t expect anything more than what you’ve already seen. Mallett maybe lighting up practice but practice isn’t a game and theres probably a reason why Mallett was brought in by Bill O’Brien (who coached him in New England) and didn’t get the starting role until now. Hopefully the team will do the right thing and do everything they can to trade for or sign a legitimate starter that can come in and help this team win right away. I fully believe that if this team even had (note that I said EVEN HAD) a Kyle Orton or a Mark Sanchez (both of whom were available this off-season) they would be at least in playoff contention right now. And yes I realize Kyle Orton and Mark Sanchez are not great starting QB’s but they know how to control/manage a game and how to rely on the run and use the short safe throws to win. They’ve both proved that as Orton has thrown 9 TD’s and 3 INT’s in his 4 games with Buffalo this year and Sanchez has been to 2 AFC Championship games (and had the butt fumble, I know).

For everyones pleasure because you know you want to see it now

Sports Science explains the “Butt Fumble”

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