FOOTBALL — 17 October 2014

You read it right folks, the Seattle Seahawks have traded Percy Harvin to the New York Jets!!! So what did the Seahawks get in return? A conditional mid round draft pick? thats it?!?! Now for some who don’t quite follow the NFL and don’t understand why thats a big deal, let me explain. The Seattle Seahawks traded to get Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings just a year ago, giving up their 1st, 3rd and 7th round draft picks. So to simply receive a conditional mid round draft pick is CRAZY!

So what does this say for the Seahawks? Well to be honest, we shouldn’t be all that surprised. Harvin is a great player and even though teammates are in shock over the trade, he hasn’t really done much for Seattle. The receiver hasn’t been healthy and has only been able to play 6 total regular season games over his season and a half with the team. The limited play he has had, he has been electric especially when you look at the game against the Redskins where if not for plays being called back, he would have had 3 TD’s in a single game. The issue is Harvin is due $41.5 million over the next 4 years and with $11 million guaranteed this season the Seahawks simply just do not believe he’s worth the hefty price tag.

The new Jets receiver is one of the best kick returners and one of the most electric threats in the NFL. In Minnesota he caught 3000+ yards and 20 TD’s over 3 and a half seasons. Not to mention he has 3500+ yards and 20 TD’s returning kicks, that can change a game on its own. So the Jets are getting quite the player as they search for offensive weapons as they sit at 1-5 this season. Geno Smith needs all the help he can get and with the addition of Harvin, this should open up coverages and defences for guys like Eric Decker and Chris Johnson as teams will be forced to focus on the multiple ways Harvin can burn them. This move could be exactly what the New York Jets need to turn their season around and try and fight their way into a wild card playoff spot. This move definitely shakes things up in the AFC and I look forward to seeing what the wideout can do in the Big Apple.

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