FOOTBALL — 03 May 2012

Former San Diego Chargers player Junior Seau was found dead Wednesday in his California home with a gunshot wound to the chest. Police do not suspect foul play, and the case is being investigated as a suicide.

Seau is not the first retired NFL player to commit suicide. An alarming four additional retired NFL players have also committed suicide in little over a year; including former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson who also shot himself in the chest.

Medical experts believe that certain brain traumas can increase depression, and in turn result in suicide. Dave Duerson even requested in his suicide note that his brain be studied.

San Diego sports fans have long claimed that their city was cursed, they have never won a major league championship and it seems as though the 1994 Chargers team may, themselves, bear a curse.

Seau is now the eighth member of the 1994 Chargers team to have died before the age of 45. There were only 45 members of the team, which means just under 20% of the team left us far too early. Here is how the other seven chargers lives came to an end:

Rodney Culver – Killed in an airline crash

Doug Miller – Hit twice by lightning while camping

Shawn Lee – Cardiac arrest

Chris Mims – enlarged heart; obesity likely a factor, weighed over 500lbs at time of death

David Griggs – Car crash, drinking and driving

Curtis Whitley – Drug overdose

Lew Bush – Heart attack

The most recent death of Seau has come as a complete shock to family and friends of the former linebacker. The entire city is mourning the loss of a football hero.






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