FOOTBALL — 23 January 2013

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE is a degenerative diseased caused by repetitive trauma to the head. It is very common amongst professional athletes who have experienced multiple concussions or other head injuries. The problem with CTE is that it is generally diagnosed post-mortum, so often people suffering from the disease never really know what’s truly causing their issues.

In recent weeks it was confirmed that Junior Seau suffered from CTE before he took his own life. His family had been taking some time to decide whether or not to join many others who are suing the NFL for knowingly and intentionally withheld and hid the damaging effects of head injuries and concussions.

His family said in a statement confirming their decision to sue:

‘We were saddened to learn that Junior, a loving father and teammate, suffered from CTE. While Junior always expected to have aches and pains from his playing days, none of us ever fathomed that he would suffer a debilitating brain disease that would cause him to leave us too soon.

”We know this lawsuit will not bring back Junior. But it will send a message that the NFL needs to care for its former players, acknowledge its decades of deception on the issue of head injuries and player safety, and make the game safer for future generations.”

The NFL has gone to great lengths as of late to do more to protect player safety while keeping the integrity of the game of football including making some minor adjustments to the rules of the game and educating referees on the damaging effects of concussions.

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