BASEBALL — 18 October 2012

A few days ago we were wondering, Did A-Rod Pass Notes to Girls During Game 1 Loss?

It was reported by an eye-witness that A-Rod was flirting with some girls in the stands. He reportedly had a piece of paper wrapped around a ball and had a ball boy throw it her way. She was instructed to write her number on the paper and throw it back.

Now, we have information on who exactly caught the attention of Alex Rodreguez so much so that was completely checked out of the New York Yankees game 1 loss.

Here she is:

The woman on the right is Kyna Treacy, an Australian bikini model and swimwear designer from Australia.

Treacy is the owner of a bikini company called Kini Bikini, and she’s probably LOVING all the attention brought on by A-Rod noticing her.

No word yet on whether A-Rod has called her, but the witness says that she complied and sent the ball back with her number on it…

Let’s check out some more photos of the lady A-Rod couldn’t keep his eyes off of:



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