SOCCER — 20 September 2012

This is probably the craziest thing I have seen in sports in a while. This player casually walks up to pick up something off the field and it turns out to be a GRENADE! He just casually tosses it off the field before it exploded. Immediately the ref’s and players ran off once it exploded.

The video caption reads:

“During a local club match in Isfahan,Iran some spectators threw a hand grenade on field,a player found it and thought it was some other object and threw it on sidelines just in time,if he had done this a few seconds later his hand would have been blasted.The game was called off and police have started investigating this case.”

Hockey fans need to recruit this fan for the NHL. I think Gary Bettman and the NHL Players would get back to work real fast! To think the players in the NHL just get Octopuses thrown on the ice in Detroit and Rats in Florida. The grenade is definitely a tradition that we should stay away from for obvious reason. Some fans are just WAY TOO PASSIONATE.

Here’s the video:



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