MISC RACING — 15 January 2013

Although you’ll have to wait until Thursday night at 9:00pm to watch it for yourself, a source familiar to the situation says that Lance Armstrong confessed to using performance enhancing drugs (PED’s).

Since the announcement of his interview with Oprah, speculation across the board has been that he would be confessing to her, so the news is not exactly a shocker.

What will be interesting; however, is to see on Thursday exactly how much he reveals to her and the manner in which he reveals it. Will he be genuinely sorry for his wrong doing? Will he admit he cheated? Will he come right out and say he used PED’s or will he tip-toe around it and leave us with a half-ass confession?

My prediction is Armstrong finds a way to manipulate his words in a way so that he doesn’t really come out and say things bluntly. I’m expecting responses to questions such as, “Did you use performance enhancing drugs?” to be responded with an answer that really doesn’t give you an answer, such as: “Well, everyone was doing them at the time. You wouldn’t believe how many cyclists were using. If you weren’t using, you weren’t at the same level as the rest.” Notice how there is no yes or no in that answer. My guess is you will hear a lot of responses that insinuate a yes, but never actually say things in plain English.

Oprah and Lance

Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah lasted more than 2.5 hours Oprah tweeted:

[tweet https://twitter.com/Oprah/status/290958167955869696 align=’center’]

As a result, the interview will now be expanded to a two night special. As originally planned, it will air Thursday night at 9:00pm on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It will also be streamed online simultaneously on oprah.com. The second half will air Friday January 17th at the same time and outlets.





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