BASKETBALL — 16 July 2012

With point guard Raymond Felton acquired via sign-and-trade and the addition of point guard Jason Kidd, the evidence is piling up that the New York Knicks will not be matching the offer for Jeremy Lin by the Houston Rockets.

The New York Knicks are still assessing whether or not they can pay Jeremy Lin more than $25 million over three-years. An offer that Carmelo Anthony referred to as “ridiculous”. Anthony has already come to the media saying “don’t blame me” if the Knicks don’t match the offer, saying it is not up to him, so don’t blame him should Lin go elsewhere.

“It’s not up to me. It’s up to the organization to say that they want to match that ridiculous contract,” he said. Anthony also said, “I’d love to see him back, but I think he has to do what’s best for him right now.”

The Rockets‘ offer to Jeremy Lin would see him earning $5 million in year one, $5.225 million in year two and $14.8 million in year three.



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