FOOTBALL — 11 January 2013

When the Pittsburgh Steelers selected running back Chris Rainey in the fifth round of the 2012 NFL draft, the organization was aware of what they were about receive; a talented, athletic, fast, versitile player who would someday become an impact player.The other aspect they were also aware of was his personal history, which involved an aggravated stalking his former gilfriend at the time, and for sending her threatening messages.

Despite the blemish on his record, Rainey was able to impress the Steelers organization in the preseason and immediately gained a roster spot. Through the season, Rainey continued to display the speed and versitility that made him a fan favorite amongst Steelers fans.

Chris Rainey may someday realize the potential he has but it will not be within the Steelers organization as he was waived from the team following a domestic battery charge for slapping his girlfriend in a dispute involving a cellphone.

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert released the following statement on the Steelers website regarding the incident and Rainey’s release:

Chris Rainey’s actions this morning were extremely disappointing. Under the circumstances and due to this conduct, Chris will no longer be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

At this point, the full legal ramifications of Rainey’s actions have not been determined, but as it stands, Rainey joins fellow Steelers rookie Alameda Ta’amu, as players charged with an illegal offense and waived by Steelers organization; in the case of Chris Rainey, it is unlikely he will be getting a second chance.



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