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With week 4 of the NFL wrapped up, we’ve reached the quarter mark of the season. So I thought it would be fun to take a look at this seasons “Studs and Duds of the NFL” so far! I realize that the Monday Night’er was a bit crazy but regardless of how well Jamaal Charles played, I’ll give you a hint. You’ll be hard pressed to find any of this years Studs, on either of these rosters and the ones who may make the Duds list, aren’t going to rectify that positioning tonight! Now this season has been a little different than others as a’lot of big names that we’re accustomed to see dominate have been … well, disappointing. Teams that have typically won their divisions and won Superbowls over the past few years are seemingly starting to fall into the abyss. You always want to leave the best for last, so lets start with the quarter season DUDS!

DUD: Vincent Jackson

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide-out has been one of the more reliable WR’s in all of football. Right up there with the Calvin Johnson’s, AJ Green’s and Brandon Marshall’s of the world. He’s had five 1000+ yard seasons with an average of 8 TD’s over the past seven years (the one season he didn’t, he was injured). This season however, NOTHING! Jackson has had an atrocious 13 receptions for 134 yards and 2 TD’s over four games this season and as someone who has him on a few fantasy teams this year, he makes you want to cry. With a new QB and coaching staff, he might not be the only reason behind these numbers but simply put, you need more production than that. STEP UP!

DUD: LeSean McCoy

As most people including myself had taken the Eagles RB with the first overall pick in their fantasy drafts, McCoy has been a major disappointment. McCoy rushed for 1600 yards and 9 TD’s last season and was thought to be one of this years MVP candidates, but has not even come close to the expectations. The Eagles RB has rushed for a pedestrian 192 yards for 1 TD for an average of 48 yards per game. The addition of Darren Sproles was thought to help McCoy as to bring defenders away from him but has seemingly been more a detriment instead. So to McCoy I say, STEP UP!

DUD: Josh McCown

McCown has been a career back-up, but with an injury to Jay Cutler last season, stepped up and played his way into a starting role with the Buccaneers this year. As a member of the Chicago Bears, McCown threw for 1800 yards and 13 TD’s in five games. The expectations were high and many looked at McCown and the Bucs to be contenders in the NFC South, but as he sits on this list, they clearly are not. The Buccaneers QB has proven that a back-up is exactly what he is, as he’s thrown for 420 yards, 2 TD’s and 4 INT’s. An injury has sidelined him for yesterdays win against the Steelers but when he returns, there’s only one thing to say, STEP UP!


So who has been atop of their game and been the ELITE of the ELITE? The quarter season STUDS are:

STUD: Antonio Brown

Over his five year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown has been hot and cold. He’s had two seasons with 1000+ yards and two that combined didn’t even reach the 1000 yards mark. The Steelers WR is on fire this season with 29 catches for 427 yards and 5 TD’s as the Steelers best recieving threat. Brown has been simply on fire and should be considered an early candidate for the Offensive Player of the Year. That makes him, ELITE!

STUD: DeMarco Murray (This one’s for my good friend Lamar, you can be proud as a Cowboys fan … for a change!!!)

Murray has been an absolute BEAST! The Cowboys RB is playing like LeSean McCoy was supposed too. The star RB has rushed for 534 yards for 5 TD’s and is averaging 5.4 yards per carry and 133.5 yards per game. The closest RB statistically has over 100 yards less than Murray. Dallas fans can cry out in joy as they finally have seen the production from DeMarco that they’ve been telling the world about since he’s joined the team in 2011. As long as he can stay healthy (hold your breath Lamar and fellow Cowboys fans), he should be in contention for MVP. His production so far makes him, ELITE!

STUD: Phillip Rivers

Phillip Rivers is playing like an absolute superstar. The Chargers QB has completed 96/137 for 1155 yards with 9 TD’s and only 1 INT. He’s lead his team to a 3-1 record and has the offence running on high despite a lack of a running game with the loss of Ryan Matthews. Rivers even upset the defending Superbowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks at home, handing the Seahawks their only loss of the season. Rivers is my early favourite for MVP this season and I look for him to continue playing through-out the season (at least I hope for my fantasy team). So what do call this guy? Simply, ELITE!

Those are my “Studs and Duds of the NFL” so far. I would love to get your comments and thoughts on who your Studs and Duds are so tweet me @D_ScHramER34 and let me know with the #Stud or #Dud.





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