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The biggest day in the NFL is just one day away and many football fanatics, including myself are looking forward to watching two juggernaut teams go head to head as the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. Super Bowl XLIX is one of the most anticipated and talked about Super Bowls in recent NFL history as many believe this will be one of the most exciting games we’ve seen since 2009 when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIII. The reason many people believe this, is because of what both teams have gone through to get to this point.

Early in the season neither the Seahawks or the Patriots were talked about as Super Bowl favourites as both teams struggled early on. The Seahawks were 3-3 going into Week 8 of the NFL season and were struggling on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, losing to the Chargers, Cowboys and Rams. Many believed that the Seahawks weren’t the same team after losing cornerback, Brandon Browner (Patriots) and wide receiver, Golden Tate (Lions). Both Browner and Tate were major contributors on each of their respective sides of the ball in the Seahawks previous Super Bowl run. The Seahawks however fought back and finished the rest of the season 9-1 with a 12-4 record overall.

Seahawks fans reaction to NFC Championship win

Much like the Seahawks the Patriots didn’t exactly come out of the gates firing on all cylinders. The Patriots began the season 2-2 going into Week 5 and were unable to score points as well as struggled to prevent teams from scoring as well. The team was missing tight end, Rob Gronkowski (injury) and corner back, Brandon Browner (suspension) for the first few weeks of the season and lost to the Chiefs 41-14 before turning their season around. There was even talks amongst analysts and fans that the Patriots should go as far as to trade Tom Brady and rebuild the team. Needless to say, they fought their way back and finished the season 12-4. 

Darrelle Revis at media day of the Super Bowl

The question on everyones mind is, who will win? All season long I have been predicting NFL games in a segment called Don’s Weekly Pick’s. I was able to finish the season with a final record of 160-94-1 and currently have a 6-4 playoff record. Here is my Super Bowl XLIX Predictions: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots.

Super Bowl XLIX 

Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots

Dons Pick: Seattle Seahawks

This is a very close match-up and easily one of the toughest games to pick all season. Both teams have tough, gritty defences that can leave any offence scratching their heads and also in a world of pain. These defences hit hard and also play smart, as they are rarely penalized and play to their defensive schemes quite well. You would be hard pressed to find a coaching mis-match between these teams, as Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and Pete Carroll made history last season as being one of three coaches to have won a National Championship and a Super Bowl (Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer being the other two).

Pete Carroll’s NFC Championship Press Conference

I believe this game will come down to which team can control the clock. The Seahawks have a man in Marshawn Lynch who is such a destructive force running the ball that his nickname is “Beastmode“. Not to mention they have a quarterback who can get outside of the pocket and run the ball himself in Russell Wilson. When Russell Wilson is able to get outside of the pocket to run, he is also one of the most accurate and efficient passers in the NFL. I believe the Seahawks will be able to slowly drive the field on the Patriots 13th ranked defence and convert on crucial 3rd downs to extend drives and win the game. The Patriots game-plan is simple, they run the ball with Lagarrette Blount, throw short crossing routes to Julian Edelman & Danny Amendola and than take big shots down field to Rob Gronkowski when the secondary is caught playing closer to the line of scrimmage to defend those short crossing routes.

Russell Wilson on Cabbie Presents

The Seahawks 1st ranked defence will be able to shut down the Patriots offence and keep them on the sideline by stopping them from converting 3rd downs. The Legion of Boom has the most versatile secondary in the NFL. They rely on single coverage from their corners Richard Sherman & Byron Maxwell while allowing safeties Kam Chancellor & Earl Thomas to simply play one safety in the mid-range zone to help defend the short crossing routes with the other to read the quarterback and defend the deep throw.This will allow their linebackers and defensive line to stop the the run and ultimately slowing down the Patriots offence.

Richard Sherman answers questions at media day at the Super Bowl

Thank you for reading my Super Bowl XLIX Predictions: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots. Super Bowl XLIX will surely be one of the more exciting games in recent memory. Click the LIKE button and comment below or Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with your Super Bowl XLIX predictions. Enjoy the game this Sunday!


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